Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Spoils

Artisans D'Angkor (Siem Reap)

We shopped twice at Artisans D'Angkor. While the products were far from cheap, the quality was unquestionable.

deluxe silk scarf, for US$95

silk scarf, for US$29

"glass holder" (top), for US$8, and silk purse (bottom), for US$15

medium head of Jayavarman VII, for US$59

deluxe silk scarf, for US$129

Russian Market (Phnom Penh)

We really enjoyed shopping at the Russian Market, where things were cheap and good. Well, they could have been cheaper apparently, but we could not bring ourselves to bargain hard. How could we when we were all too aware of the income disparity...

raw silk blouses, US$8 for two

silk cushion covers and wall hanging, for US$9 in total

wooden platters, US$10 for the set

silk fabric, for US$40 for 8metres in total

retro cotton prints, for US$3 per metre

more retro fabric, for US$4 to US$6 per metre

our favourite buy - yellow sapphire ear studs and ring, for US$235

Friends (Phnom Penh)

We bought all of these, on our one trip to Friends Centre, for US$31 in total.


postcards featuring art by Friends' young artists

well why not...

a Cambodian folk tale

t-shirt (front view), with the Friends' logo

same t-shirt (back)

Tabitha (Phnom Penh)

These were being scooped up by ang moh expats and tourists, by the truckload.

nativity scene

stuffed toys, both finished and DIY, decorations and puppets

Monument Books

Cambodia's largest (or is it the only?) bookstore chain can be found just about everywhere in the areas frequented by tourists, including the airport. Not only does it have its own branches, it supplies books to other bookstores and to souvenir shops such as the one at the Angkor Musuem in Siem Reap.

Tonle Sap: The Heart of Cambodia's Natural Heritage

the Friends restaurant cookbook, a fundraiser

3 books on Cambodia's history

And from elsewhere...

black pepper, from Kampot (but bought from Soryar Shopping Centre in Phnom Penh)

t-shirt from Rajana, for US$4.95

baby booties

hat from Amatak in Siem Reap, for US$10

necklace from Amatak in Siem Reap, for US$20

Cambodian tea, for US$6

counterweighted dragonflies, for US$2 each

postcards from the McDermott Gallery in Siem Reap

a Mum-type ethnic blouse from the market in Siem Reap

together with the blouse above, US$21 for both

from the National Centre for Khmer Ceramics

the obligatory packet of coffee

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