Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 15: Homeward Bound

Our Last Morning at FCC Angkor


It was a beautiful morning, our last in Siem Reap. I persuaded HM to abandon the poolside for the verandah.

one of the many photographs taken by, who else, the foreign correspondents

HM having breakfast

After breakfast, we took one last look at the hotel.

she's a beaut alright

All too soon, we had to leave, but not before popping into the John McDermot Gallery to buy some postcards.

Leaving Siem Reap

a mountain of luggage

Mr 509 gave us a ride down to the airport. There, we discovered that our flight would be delayed by an hour and a half. Tsk, tsk, Silkair. We shopped - bought books at the airport branch of Monument Books. We ate - at Cafe Ritazza of all places, because the Blue Pumpkin-run cafe was outside, not inside the transit area. We read. The one bright spot was chancing on Mr John McDermott himself at Monument Books. From the gushing response he was getting from the staff, he was clearly a local celebrity. HM was nudging me to get an autograph, but hey it's not like I bought the man's prints, just his postcards. Anyway he looked like he would prefer to be left alone, poor man. And then, it was time to fly.

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